When The Fan Plays Oh Susannah…

fan_remoteSometimes our life is so bizarre.

We’re still modifying this and that in our new house (from this day forward to be known as The Mother Ship), and yesterday an electrician installed ceiling fans in three rooms. We decided to add a remote control to the one in the bedroom.

“All finished,” said the electrician. “Want to see how it works?” He pressed the button with the light bulb icon.

The light went on.

At the same time, out in the dining room, we heard a burst of music: the first few bars of “Oh Susannah”.

We looked at each other. “Did that happen when you pressed the remote?” I asked.

He pressed the light button again to turn it off. Same result: a happy little tune.

We both laughed. “That’s strange,” he said. “Anyway, here are the three speeds… and you click here for ‘off’.

As he said ‘off’ and demonstrated, a different tune wafted in from the dining room.

Huh???? We went to take a look. Was the air conditioner playing music? No, couldn’t be. Sure, it played a few lilting notes when we turned it on and off… but why was it playing songs?

We tried it a few more times. Same result. The electrician came to the conclusion that the air conditioner and the fan remote must be on the same frequency, so I’d have to see if I could change one of them. “Never heard an air conditioner playing tunes like that before,” he said.

He left, and I spent the next hour Googling Samsung Air Conditioner user manuals to see if I could find out how to stop it, and trying to read the teeny-tiny print in the teeny-tiny Operation Guide that came with the fan remote. (Question: Why do some manufacturers shrink their user guides to the size of a postage stamp, with text that you could fit on the head of a pin? Where’s my magnifying glass…??? Oh yeah, still packed in a box somewhere in the garage…)

My Internet search was fruitless. I did find a forum post about a TV remote making an air conditioner cycle on and off, but nothing about it playing music.

Fast-forward a few hours, until Rob came home. Naturally I couldn’t wait to demonstrate our musical fan. We cracked up, hitting buttons… then Rob recognised the second tune. “Wait a minute,” he said. “That’s not the air conditioner. It’s the doorbell!”

Duh. A couple of weeks ago we replaced the old door chimes that didn’t work. Rob bought the kind that has a button outside the house, and a unit (with the chimes) that plugs into a power point.

Right under the air conditioner. (Red face.)

Now our new doorbell button outside doesn’t work. To ring the door chimes, we have to hit the light button or the ‘off’ button on the fan remote.

I guess we could always gaffer-tape the remote control to the wall near the front door…


When The Fan Plays Oh Susannah… — 3 Comments

    • Hey Geoff,
      ‘Bizarreness’ sounds just fine to me! Even if it’s not a word, you can pat yourself on the back for inventing a new one. 🙂

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