Vintage Caravans Shellharbour

The moment I heard that there was a gathering of vintage vans at Shellharbour Caravan Park, I couldn’t wait to get over there and take a few pics. I’m heading back on over there in a couple of days to catch some more, but here’s a sample:

  1. Sandy and Ray – these were the first two I ran into, busy setting up their 1965 Viscount Dural. I could not BELIEVE the condition of this caravan – it is absolutely immaculate. Sandy tells me that the owners just took it away for a couple of weeks each year, and the rest of the time it stayed garaged. No wonder it’s so perfect both inside and outside. Ray and Sandy fired up the ORIGINAL fridge and it worked first go! Here are a few pics:

Ray and Sandy’s 1965 Viscount Dural


Vintage 1965 Viscount Dural

Sandy and Ray set up their 1965 Viscount Dural


Sandy says the original fridge worked the first time they switched it on!

65 Viscount upholstery

Ray shows the original upholstery – amazing condition in a 50 year old caravan!

65 Viscount Dural dressing table

Lift up the lid and a light comes on – mirror and cosmetics all ready!

1965 Viscount Dural

Last registered in 78 before Ray and Sandy bought it

Colin and Sue’s Mighty Green Machine

I loved the colours and the little touches of retro throughout this caravan!


Wake up, Sue – we have visitors!

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

Sue looks completely at home in her gorgeous kitchen

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

This caravan actually has BATH! (Used for storage now…)

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

Colin shows off the ensuite facilities – it reminded me of what you had in old trains!

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

Love this kitchen!

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

A cosy dinette, reupholstered in ruby tones. Love those wineglasses..

Judy’s 1955 Aerolite

I just adored the soft sorbet tones in this caravan. It all looked good enough to eat!

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

Look at these gorgeous colours!

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

Feel like a cuppa?

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

One of the prettiest kitchens… Judy does have a vintage jug that gets put out on display!

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

Note the Brownie box camera on the windowsill!

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

Sit down in comfort…

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

Sooo comfortable to sleep in!

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

Love these retro touches…

Veronica’s 9-ft baby wonder…

This one won the prize for the smallest caravan in the park! Veronica says her husband saw it, loved it, and made an offer – apparently it was originally rescued from a horse paddock! Veronica put down black and white adhesive tiles from Bunnings and opted for a turquoise, black and white colour scheme. Looks stunning!

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

Just 9ft long – but it’s amazing what you can fit in here!

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

Stunning colour scheme – black, white and turquoise

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

Veronica shows me the painstaking step-by-step restoration process

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

Inserts fit into the beds to make them long enough – by day, they act as seats

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

A peek into the interior of this 9ft wonder…

Shellharbour Vintage caravans

So much fits into a tiny space!


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