Use EndoMondo for Fitness Fun While You Travel

Lots of caravanners walk for exercise. They walk along bush tracks; they walk in National Parks; they walk along beaches. And they probably walk to and from the nearest club for an el-cheapo meal!

Rob and I walk quite a bit, too. Today, we walked from the Easts Caravan Park at Narooma across the bridge, and along the boardwalk. Here’s what it looked like, via satellite:

Walk recorded on EndoMondo

How cool is that????

Our sons introduced us to EndoMondo. (They’re crazy fit competitive types who go running and take their times seriously. We’re not like that, as you can see by the walk above… 4 k’s in an hour!)

I love this program. I have an EndoMondo app for my phone (which is a Samsung Galaxy) and I just activate it at the beginning of the walk and click ‘stop’ at the end – and it automatically uploads it to the EndoMondo site. That’s where I could see the route on the map you see above.

You can record walks (and bike rides, and kayak trips) all over Australia. You can compare walks with caravanning friends (and fitness freaks in the family). People you invite as friends can make comments on your walks/rides – and they can even type comments into EndoMondo as you go, and if you have earphones on your phone, you can HEAR those comments as a pep talk!

My phone uploaded my walk to the EndoMondo site as soon as I finished, and by the time I fired up the computer after lunch I found a comment posted by one of our sons.

I find this amazing. And lots of fun. You can authorise the program to upload your workouts to Facebook, too, if you like.

The EndoMondo site keeps records of all your workouts (which is what they call walks, rides, swims or whatever.) Just click on a date to see where you were and what you did, and see the satellite record of your activities.

EndoMondo Calendar

You can also download it to your iPad and track your path on scenic drives etc.

If you want to sign up with EndoMondo, you’ll find it here:





Use EndoMondo for Fitness Fun While You Travel — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Marg,
    Great talking to you the other day, and it will be even better when the four of us can ‘put our feet under the same table’ again, hopefully sooner than later.

    Hey, this Endmondo sounds terrific, I think it will help me with MY fitness, knowing I am a Geek like you, I want it. What an incentive to excercise! I only hope my Samsung – it is not one of the latest, will be able to accept the App. Will let you know.

    Must be off now, Bucko is home and time for tea. Look after yourself. Hugs Janet

  2. My sons keep texting me and saying things like “Haven’t seen you on Endomondo lately mum; get out there!”

    “Sure thing” I text back, “any time now!” then I go and make a cappuccino, grab a choc bar from the fridge and go out to read in the sun. Ooops. Endomondo isn’t so good tracking stationery people.

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