Time to Pack Up

checklistIt’s been quite a while since we packed up the caravan ready to go on a trip. I’m sure we’re going to forget something! Now where did I put those laminated checklists?

Well, we’ll just have to keep it simple.

  • Clothes: not too many; think layers. (After all, with a washing machine on board, we need only a few pieces of clothing.)
  • Food: We’ve already got the basics in the van (tea bags, coffee, breakfast spreads, pasta etc) so it’s just a day’s supplies. The rest we can buy on the trip. After all, we’re not going into the wilds.
  • Books: always a necessity. Now I have a Kindle and an iPad, the book situation is solved. No weight, and I’ll never run out. Best of all, my library now has an e-lending service. I can borrow ebooks wherever we travel!
  • Tools/pots & pans etc: Rob looks after the tools. He’s pretty much got what he needs in the caravan toolbox. Otherwise: just check the supply of batteries and take the 2-burner butane stove.
  • Free-camping: we may not bother on a short trip. However, with an off-road pack for the van we’re set up for a couple of nights anywhere if we want.
  • Internet, phone and computers: wireless modem, chargers, iPod, iPad, laptops.
  • Camera and tripod: MUST REMEMBER TO PACK THE TRIPOD! (Actually I have a tripod, a monopod, small gorilla pod, and a medium gorilla pod. There’s the SLR camera (which I’m still learning to use) and the pocket Samsung. I’m ready for anything.)

Yup. We’re all set.

tripod, gorilla pods and monopod









“Hit the road, Jack, and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more…”

Marg & Rob 🙂 🙂

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