Time Out at Sussex Inlet

Here we are again, back at Sussex Inlet – finally saying ‘hello’ to the caravan again and getting ready to head off on the next trip. We’ll be taking it back home with us to clean out cupboards and drawers and re-pack. This time the weather forecast was for intermittent showers, so we decided to put up just half of the annexe. We got it designed with a zip down the centre of the long wall so we could do this. Very handy for a short stay (we’re here for 3 days) if you want a bit of protection from the elements, but don’t want to be completely closed in.


This is a lovely spot to visit. I don’t really know much about the caravan parks in Sussex (there are heaps of them, but many are mostly permanent sites, with just a few for visitors), because we keep our caravan down here on a friend’s property on the water’s edge (lucky us). However, if you like waterways, boating and fishing you should enjoy it here, with the canals and St George’s Basin so close. Booderee National Park is worth a visit, too.

Sussex Inlet at Dusk

Sussex Inlet at Dusk

We’ll be puttering across to Sussex Inlet to have lunch at the club shortly, and to pick up a few supplies. Like a can opener! I’m so used to most cans having a ring-pull tab these days that I didn’t even realise we didn’t have a can opener until I needed one. Rob made short work of it with his Leatherman, but the edges were a bit jagged.

Some more photos from Sussex:


Rob cooking breakfast

Rob Cooking Breakfast


Time Out at Sussex Inlet — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Marg,

    The annexe looks fabo!

    Now, the photo of you and Rob, with backs to camera, I am guessing you set one of your Gorilla Pods up to hold the camera for this photo? I bought myself a small Gorilla like, tripod late last year, but, have not used it yet. I think I should drag it out and go down to the beach and play around with it!

    Cheers Janet

    • Actually for this photo I just perched the camera on one of the bollards behind us. Nifty, huh? But we will be taking our Gorilla Pods along with us. (I have a small one for the pocket camera – both easy to fit in pockets/handbag – and a bigger one for the DSLR camera.)

  2. I have been following your blogs and as I and my husband are planning for the future and intend buying a 5th wheeler, the reason I am writing now is to ask what you use to post your blogs, regards Julie & Graham

    • Hi Julie,

      I bet yo u and Graham can’t wait until you get that fifth wheeler! Glad to hear that you’re going to join the blogging community.

      I registered our domain name through GoDaddy (margandrobcaravanning.com) and pointed the nameservers to the web hosting account I opened at Hostgator. Then I installed a WordPress blog with one click through Hostgator’s cPanel (very easy). I use Weaver II theme for WordPress, and I simply created a header graphic the right size to upload to this theme.

      That all might sound like so much gobbledegook, but it really doesn’t take very long. WordPress is really easy to use and customise.

      Oh, and I also use Aweber to get the names of people who’d like to be notified every time we do a post – but there are other (free) ways of doing that.

      All in all, you can do it very cheaply. It costs only around $12 to register a domain name for a year, and you can take out web hosting at Hostgator for around $7 a month (less if you pay up front for 12 months.)

      I will be creating a series of ‘how to’ blog posts to explain how to do it… probably when we get back from this trip.

      Finally, you can set up a blog completely free at WordPress.com or at blogger.com, if you don’t want to bother registering a domain name and you don’t mind your blog having ‘wordpress’ in the address (e.g. juliecaravanning.wordpress.com).

      Here’s a post that explains the difference between downloading WordPress from WordPress.org and hosting a free blog at WordPress.com:


      (Note, though, that I didn’t even bother downloading WordPress from WordPress.org, because I could install it with one click at Hostgator.)

      ….and all that was probably more information than you wanted to know!!! 🙂

  3. Morning Marg. Thank you for the reply in relation to the BT-50. It seems the Carsales website has information about the windows confused: it is only on the space cab that the rear windows are not electric. Anyway, Isuzu could/would not match the great deal I was offered by Mazda so I am now the proud owner of a 2013 GT which arrives at the end of the month. This is my 3rd Mazda so I hope the GT will live up to the high standard set by it’s predecessors. Regards Judith

  4. Hi Marg, thankyou for the info, yes it did sound like a lot of gobbledock but will be able to pass it onto Graham he will be able to make sense of it as he deals with this sort of thing on a daily basis.


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