The Search for the Perfect Chair

ColemanChairTable_smallA while back, I wrote a column for the magazine about how hard it was to find the perfect chair. We’ve tried several different kinds, and we’d find that each one didn’t quite suit for different reasons… not comfortable enough, or didn’t adjust to different positions, or was not comfortable to sit in at the table because it wasn’t upright enough… and so on and so on.

After visiting outdoor shops and weighing up the options, we decided on the Coleman 5-position padded chair. Here’s why:

  • In its most upright position,  it is upright enough to be used comfortably at a table.
  • It is relatively easy to collapse and set up.
  • It has metal handles that won’t crack (as, we believe, an earlier plastic version did).
  • It is padded and comfortable to sit in for hours, without the frame cutting you behind the knees.
  • It has a headrest.
  • The only thing I really wanted that was missing was a flip-up tray, because they are soooo convenient. However, the Coleman has a fold-up drink holder, and we discovered that we could buy clip-on trays from eBay (which we did, for $16 each, and which look as though they’ll work well).

The other ‘plus’ factor was that it was available at BCF, and we knew that eventually, most things come up on sale at BCF.

Last week, I signed up for the BCF online newsletter so I could keep an eye on it.

I didn’t have to wait long. This week, there it was – right on the front cover, at $50 off. We handed over our $79 per chair and now we’re ready to hit the road!

(Pic above taken inside because it’s raining…)



The Search for the Perfect Chair — 3 Comments

  1. My GN brother and his wife have had this model for about 9 years now, and love it. (permanently on the road all that time) Hope you have as much fun with yours as they are having with theirs.

  2. Hi Marg and Rob, We have these chairs and these trays and both have clocked up some mighty fine Happy Hours. Cheers Dael n Ray.

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