The Opal Caravan Park Lightning Ridge

We heard about this park well before we got here (reviews on Badger’s site, word of mouth and WikiCamps): all mentioned the fantastic amenities. We totally agree. They should be used as a blueprint for all parks! Not only are there glass doors on the showers, there’s more room than I’ve ever seen before in a caravan park for your clothes outside the shower door. Two shelves, hooks in sensible positions, and plenty of space to put your shampoo bottles, soap, shower gel or whatever. Not to mention the hair dryers and hand dryers that actually work efficiently! The sites are spacious with plenty of room for your van, awning and vehicle.

The fire pit at the park was a popular spot each evening; lots of laughter and mateship. Firepit (well patronised); music and songs and laughter several times a week.

We found it intriguing that the trees were all sunk into circular pits. Why, we asked? We discovered that when the park was being constructed they trucked in thousands of cubic feet of soil and laser-leveled it (now we know why our site was so level!) and necessarily had to protect the trees from that extra build-up of soil.

Opal Park 2

Being in Lightning Ridge, the park has a fossicking area a short distance away from the van sites. Hmmm. You can try your hand at it, but I’d say that it’s well picked-through; don’t like your chances!

Across the road are the hot springs, which actually look like a swimming pool. There were people in there at various times throughout the day. We didn’t actually try them; some people have admitted that they find them a bit too hot, so keep that in mind.

All in all a lovely park: we were planning on two days there and ended up staying three.

Opal Park


The Opal Caravan Park Lightning Ridge — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Marg and Rob, this is the same as we did last year,was very about the carvings etc?? so much to see isnt there? we are leaving on wednesday to go for 4 weeks, (never been so long, but with mum safely in care, all systems go) doing Murray River and bit of Darling….cant come soon enough, only 2 sleeps and we are off…..hope you are both well…
    regards from Kerry and Ron

    • The carvings were absolutely fascinating… hard to imagine someone coming up with that idea in the first place! You must be counting the hours now… we could ‘do’ the Murray and the Darling several times; we like it around there.
      Have a great trip!

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