Review: Sussex Palms Holiday Park (Sussex Inlet)

There are a dozen or so caravan parks in this area, so you’re spoiled for choice. We asked a local to recommend a park, and Sussex Palms was one he nominated, because he thought the owner had been doing a bit of work to it.

First impressions: Nice little park, very well-kept.

Reception: Friendly. The same person who booked us in directed us to the site, and seemed to be the one doing the general maintenance around the park. He came down and made sure that we got safely onto the site.

The site: Another resident informed us that the site we got is known as ‘the ensuite’, because of its position between the pool and the amenities block. Well, we thought it was pretty good: a nice view from under the awning, and half a dozen steps to both the ladies and the gents! It was a bit tight getting in for a larger van… well, not so much getting in, as getting out, past a couple of palm trees. However, the owner was only too happy to come down and direct traffic and angles.

Sussex Palms - our site

However, if you like to be around other caravanners to have a natter and pass the time of day, you’re not going to get much social interaction here. Our site – well-placed though it was – was surrounded by cabins and permanent vans. In fact, there are only 5 caravan sites in the whole place – three of the other four are up near the gate, opposite check-in. The balance of permanent sites and cabins to powered sites for travellers would appear to be typical of Sussex Inlet parks.

Amenities: Old, but clean and tidy. You’ll have to put 20c in the slot for a 3-minute hot shower – and if you’re first in the morning, it can take 30 seconds or so for the hot water to come through. Luckily (unlike some parks we’ve encountered) the coin machine is inside the shower cubicle, so you can get undressed and then put the coin in without having to make a mad dash while clad in a towel. (Rob ended up putting in a second 20c each time he showered.) Handwash and paper towels are provided: there was also a hair-dryer in the women’s amenities.

Sussex Palms Amenities

Oh, and I did like the colourful chairs provided outside the laundry for those who want to wait and read/chat!

Take a seat while waiting for your laundry

Tariff: We had to pay school holiday rates (we checked in on the last Friday of the school hols) and that was $36. Off-peak is around $10 cheaper.We didn’t ask about cheaper rates for longer stays because we only intended to stay three nights. We did feel that $36 should have included a hot shower, even though 20c wasn’t much extra.

Extras: BBQs, Camp Kitchen, Pool. (We liked the pool sign…. see first photo.)



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