Retro-Fit ALKO Electronic Stability Control for Caravans

ALKO_1Some time back, Rob started reading about the ALKO Electronic Stability Control for caravans. Essentially, it mitigates the fishtailing motion of a caravan if the driver needs to take evasive action or starts to lose control. Without going into too much technical detail (see the video below for that) when the van experiences a certain level of G-force, the ESC cuts in: the driver just focuses on driving the car, not thinking about what the caravan is doing.

We think of it as a bit like insurance: you may or may not need it, but in an emergency, you’re sure glad that you’ve got it.

Rob was pleased to find a certified ALKO fitter close to home, in Port Kembla: Wayne Brady of CampQuip Caravan and Camping. Wayne drove out to our place on a Saturday to check out and measure the caravan before he ordered the ALKO system; ordered what he needed, and booked the van in for the following Thursday. Now it’s all done.

Here are some photos of Wayne (a) giving the van its initial assessment, and (b)installing the system. Finally, the embedded video tells you more about the ALKO Stability Control System.

We’ll report on our findings with our upcoming 7-week trip – although we sincerely hope we don’t encounter any emergency situations!

Assessing the Van at Home


Installing the ALKO Electronic Stability Control System

Important Note: The caravan needs to have an ALKO braking system. Ours didn’t, so we had to have ALKO brakes installed to go ahead with the ESC system.




YouTube Video on the ALKO System



Retro-Fit ALKO Electronic Stability Control for Caravans — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks Rob & Marg,Have just ordered a new van and have requested ESC be fitted at the outset. Good to see the video to confirm the safety aspect. I guess over time ESC will become standard equipment on all new vans.

    Your fuse list is a good idea,but one would think it should be standard practise by manufacturers just like the switchboard in your home.

    The Isuzu is going well and we will be doing some serious touring next year.Hope to catch up with you both at some stage.

    John & Marg Sheppard

    • G’day there,
      Good to hear from you again. Yes I believe that the ESC will be almost standard in new vans in the not to distant future. It’s one of those things that you hope you will never need, but just in case……. I think that each traveler will need to look at what type of travel they will be doing i.e. mostly black top , off road, weekend trips etc and make the decision accordingly. In the end though, it’s a safety issue for both owner & others on the road.
      Good also to hear the Isuzu is going well, they are a pretty tough unit.
      Keep an eye out and we may catch up again soon.
      cheersRrob & Marg

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