Hungerford and Eulo

We spent a week at Cunnamulla, and while we were there we did a day trip to Hungerford and Eulo. We really enjoyed travelling along these outback roads – there’s something about the sight of all that red dirt, unwinding before you as you drive!

Naturally I found a patchwork store at Eulo – this is one of the tiniest towns, yet it has a place where you can buy quilts and some supplies! (Trust me to be able to find the craft outlets ANYWHERE.)

The Hungerford pub was great: we’d heard it was a friendly place to visit, and it had delicious steak sandwiches! Don’t you love the tin animals out the front, and the old fireplace in front of where we ate? You can see Rob here, too, trying to get a $5 note to stick to the ceiling. Apparently there’s an art to this (well, there is, because we couldn’t do it!) You put a thumbtack in a $5 note, wrap it around a couple of 20c pieces for weight, and hurl it at the celing. The theory is that the thumbtack and the $5 note stick to the celing while the money drops to the floor.

You must go there and try it! See if you can do better than us…

Eulo_2 Eulo_Patchwork Hungerford Hungerford_2 Hungerford_3 Hungerford_4 Hungerford_5 HungerfordPub Marg_Hungerford Mosquito_Hungerford

Lara Wetlands

On the way to Sapphire we stayed at the beautiful, tranquil Lara Wetlands campground. There are plenty of spots to set up all around the wetlands, many that already have a firepit. (The owner, Jo, is trying to minimise the number of burnt patches around the campgrounds, so if there isn’t an existing fire pit on your spot, look for a patch of ground that has either already been used for a fire, or will have minimal impact.)

Here’s our spot…

Marg_Rob_Lara RobSetup

Pretty hard to take, eh? Continue reading

Prescriptions on the Road

If you’re travelling in remote areas, getting a prescription filled can be a nuisance.

Did you know that you can ask your doctor to endorse a prescription with “Regulation 24” and the chemist is then permitted to issue 6 months’ worth (or 3 months, if that is the length of the prescription) at the same time? This applies only to the original prescription.

Here’s a quote from the Chemist Warehouse site, explaining this – but naturally, the best person to ask is your own doctor!

Regulation 24



The Grey Water Debate and Common Sense

greywaterdebateWhen I was watching TV yesterday, there was a news item about the severity of the drought in California, showing interviews with desperate people who had found that their water supply had dried up. They turned on a tap and… nothing. One couple had drawn on the same aquifer all their lives – and now, nothing.

Then we heard from a designated expert about what was being done to conserve water all over the world. She discussed how one hugely under-utilised resource was household grey water – and then made the statement that had me sitting forward in my chair. “In Australia,” she said, “they’re much more advanced with the use of grey water, using it on gardens and sometimes recycling it to washing machines.”

She was, admittedly, talking about household grey water, but naturally I thought of it in terms of what RVers do with their grey water. Continue reading

Cleaning Checkerplate with Purple

A while ago we put up a Facebook post asking what people used to clean the checkerplate on their vans. There were several products mentioned, but one called Purple seemed to get a thumbs up from lots of RVers, so Rob headed off to the nearest supplier to get himself a bottle.

Here he is, polishing away – and yes, it worked a treat. I could’ve used the checkerplate as a mirror to put my makeup on.

Highly recommended!

Since then we’ve seen posts where people have asked the same question, so we thought it was worth adding to our blog…

A bit of elbow grease and a bit of "Purple"...

A bit of elbow grease and a bit of “Purple”…

The Search for the Perfect Chair

ColemanChairTable_smallA while back, I wrote a column for the magazine about how hard it was to find the perfect chair. We’ve tried several different kinds, and we’d find that each one didn’t quite suit for different reasons… not comfortable enough, or didn’t adjust to different positions, or was not comfortable to sit in at the table because it wasn’t upright enough… and so on and so on.

After visiting outdoor shops and weighing up the options, we decided on the Coleman 5-position padded chair. Here’s why:

  • In its most upright position,  it is upright enough to be used comfortably at a table.
  • It is relatively easy to collapse and set up.
  • It has metal handles that won’t crack (as, we believe, an earlier plastic version did).
  • It is padded and comfortable to sit in for hours, without the frame cutting you behind the knees.
  • It has a headrest.
  • The only thing I really wanted that was missing was a flip-up tray, because they are soooo convenient. However, the Coleman has a fold-up drink holder, and we discovered that we could buy clip-on trays from eBay (which we did, for $16 each, and which look as though they’ll work well).

The other ‘plus’ factor was that it was available at BCF, and we knew that eventually, most things come up on sale at BCF.

Last week, I signed up for the BCF online newsletter so I could keep an eye on it.

I didn’t have to wait long. This week, there it was – right on the front cover, at $50 off. We handed over our $79 per chair and now we’re ready to hit the road!

(Pic above taken inside because it’s raining…)


Introducing the McFlair

Our new McFlair, at Gundagai Riverside Caravan Park!

Our new McFlair, at Gundagai Riverside Caravan Park!


We’ve been on the hunt for a caravan that is a bit shorter and a bit lighter than the one we have… and we’ve finally found it. Well, actually, we’ve found it and bought it and sold the Northstar Windeyer, so everything is happening quite quickly!


Goodbye to our faithful Northstar Windeyer – welcome to your new owners, Chris and Judy!

We were looking for a van that was comfortable and came with an ensuite and a queen bed – and also were keen to find one (if possible) that had diesel heating and ESC. If it didn’t have those two things, we planned to add them anyway, so that would have been a factor in the cost of the van.

As it happened, we found a caravan that seemed to tick all the boxes – but it was in Victoria. We could have given the seller a holding deposit subject to viewing, but it was a fairly long haul just to look at a van – what if it wasn’t suitable?

Trina and Ray (with Drummer) jumped in enthusiastically to inspect the Royal Flair

Trina and Ray (with Drummer) jumped in enthusiastically to inspect the Royal Flair

Then we discovered that friends of ours – Trina and Ray Morris – were going to be putting their caravan in for a service only 4 km away from the dealer. They were only too happy to check it out for us – in fact, they gave us a running commentary via phone, and lots and lots of photos, on TWO vans. Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty.

Anyway, Trina’s summing up was “This is the van! Put a deposit on it subject to viewing and get your skates on!” So we did.

And it’s everything that we hoped.

Smaller, lighter, diesel heating, ESC, two-door fridge, queen bed and ensuite. It also had a brushed metal splashback and colours we really liked.

Rob hitches up our next caravan...

Rob hitches up our next caravan…

So here we are, everyone… introducing our new van! (Which, at Ray’s suggestion, is going to go by the name of ‘The McFlair’).

And we have to mention how fortunate we are to have friends like Trina and Ray. Not only did they check out the caravan thoroughly for us, they had dinner cooked and waiting in the fridge of the cabin we booked the night before we picked up the van – just pop in the microwave! Plus a bottle of wine to celebrate… AND Tim-Tams!

Dinner all ready in the fridge, with wine - "just heat and serve!"

Dinner all ready in the fridge, with wine – “just heat and serve!”

Finally – to reinforce the ‘this van was meant for us’ feeling – we were towing it back when we spotted a Facebook post from Debbie Smith saying “SMS me privately!” and “Call into Wangaratta for coffee!” It took a moment to connect the dots, but then we realised that Debbie was our lovely new van’s first owner! So we called in for coffee, learnt more about the history of the van, and now we have more new caravanning friends in Debbie and Ron.

Debbie (the previous owner) says: "And here's an apron for Rob when he's cooking!"

Debbie (the previous owner) says: “And here’s an apron for Rob when he’s cooking!”

No wonder we love life on the road…

P.S. And another coincidence… the compliance plate was date-stamped my birthday. Yup, it was meant for us! 🙂


Back home!

Back home!

Ants and other creepy crawlies

antsWhen we were going around Australia, we encountered some people who had terrible trouble with ants. Now we regularly spray around the van when we travel – especially if we see a busy trail of ants nearby!

We’ve also tried about a gazillion insect repellents (plus our own concoction made from a ‘recipe’ recommended by someone at Rollingstone park!) Here’s an extract from my blog post at the time:  Continue reading

The Great American Aran Afghan

This project took 160+ hours of my time; some of it at home, some on the road. It was a race to the finish to get it all done in time for Christmas 2014, as a present for my daughter-in-law Kim! I’ll start with a bit more information, and then post pics of it in progress.

Project: The Great American Aran Afghan

Pattern: Can be hard to find now, but you can usually get it on here:

The Great American Aran Afghan by Joni Coniglio Continue reading

Write Around Australia

Marg writing outside caravanOver the years that we’ve been on the road, I’ve seen lots of ‘nomads’ who chronicle their adventures on a blog, keep a journal, create travel diaries, write poetry, or write travel articles. Some have also always thought they might write a novel one day, but are not sure how to start – or how to get it published when they write ‘the end’. Quite often, people have asked me how they might go about writing travel articles or writing a book (either fiction or non-fiction).

So… I thought that it was time to put together a quick guide on how you might go about doing it all. What follows is a summary, which gives you links to further information. I’ll continue to post more about writing to this blog; if you enter your email address to follow the blog, you’ll be notified about any new posts.

All Kinds of Writing…

Some of you will want to write for fun; others want to earn money. A large percentage of you will say: “I write because I enjoy it – but if I can earn money, that’s a bonus!”

What kind of writing can you do? There are quite a number of different things you could tackle, but for now I’ll address just two: writing books and writing travel articles. Continue reading