Opals and Dinosaurs – Our Current Trip

We’re at the beginning of the second week of our current trip, and already we’ve had so many new experiences. We’re heading for the Opal fields at Grawin and Lightning Ridge, then making our way to Dinosaur country around Winton before heading for the coast.

First Night: Al and Vicky

To kick off, we visited forum friends Al and Vicky – so the first night we didn’t even spend in the caravan: it was parked in their front yard in Maitland while we occupied the guest bedroom. We have met Al and Vicky on the road before, in Junee, but at the time they didn’t have their caravan with them. (Much to Al’s regret. He didn’t enjoy being a ‘cabin dweller’. Just not the same!)

On site for the night - our caravan at Al and Vicky's.

On site for the night – our caravan at Al and Vicky’s.

As fellow BT-50 owners, naturally Al and Rob had to spend a significant amount of time talking 4WDs. (Vicky and I are surprised that there’s anything left to say, but what do we know?)

Al is experimenting with making different kinds of choofas (old gas bottles turned into camp ovens) and other more complicated structures, and coming up with some great results. Maybe he should go into business! [Warning: don’t start cutting up old gas bottles unless you know what you’re doing – you could end up splattered all over the backyard in the resultant explosion.)

Al shows us his choofas - while Vicky looks on.

Al shows us his choofas – while Vicky looks on.

Tip from Al:

Save your teabags and dry them out, then soak them in Citronella. They make terrific firestarters. We’re going to save them all from now on when we’re at home.

As always, one of the things we enjoy most is catching up with old friends (or new ones!)

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