Hungerford and Eulo

We spent a week at Cunnamulla, and while we were there we did a day trip to Hungerford and Eulo. We really enjoyed travelling along these outback roads – there’s something about the sight of all that red dirt, unwinding before you as you drive!

Naturally I found a patchwork store at Eulo – this is one of the tiniest towns, yet it has a place where you can buy quilts and some supplies! (Trust me to be able to find the craft outlets ANYWHERE.)

The Hungerford pub was great: we’d heard it was a friendly place to visit, and it had delicious steak sandwiches! Don’t you love the tin animals out the front, and the old fireplace in front of where we ate? You can see Rob here, too, trying to get a $5 note to stick to the ceiling. Apparently there’s an art to this (well, there is, because we couldn’t do it!) You put a thumbtack in a $5 note, wrap it around a couple of 20c pieces for weight, and hurl it at the celing. The theory is that the thumbtack and the $5 note stick to the celing while the money drops to the floor.

You must go there and try it! See if you can do better than us…

Eulo_2 Eulo_Patchwork Hungerford Hungerford_2 Hungerford_3 Hungerford_4 Hungerford_5 HungerfordPub Marg_Hungerford Mosquito_Hungerford


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  1. Good to hear you are enjoying my former back yard. Lots to see in Qld. On your way back if you call into Coolatie near Warialda (NSW), there is a brilliant patchwork shop in the pub.

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