Happy Hour People at Junee

First stop on this trip was Junee. We checked out Junee a couple of years ago, when we stayed at Wagga, and decided to stay at Junee Top Tourist Park next time we were out this way. Well, that time has come – and here we are!

The first thing we did was catch up with Al and Vicky. Rob and Al have been chatting back and forth on the forum and by phone (as BT-50 owners) and when Al had family business out this way, he and Vicky decided to stay at the Junee park so they could meet up with us. We felt as though we’d known each other for years.

Al hailed us at the boom gate – their cabin was right next to it – and after we had finished setting up, it was Happy Hour time. (Of course.) Mind you, Happy Hour did involve half an hour of chatting about Al’s BT-50, then another half-hour chatting about Rob’s BT-50, while Vicky and I rolled our eyes, left them to it and talked about other things. Naturally the main thing we all agreed on was that we can’t get enough of caravanning.

We also caught up with Des and Liz (old Shellharbour-ites who now live in Yass) and Jan and Jeff from Queensland, happily meandering about wherever takes their fancy. (I imagine Queensland would be a good place not to be right now, after all the rain and floods. I think we headed in the right direction.)



There’s a lot more to tell you about Junee. For example, I met Miss Gypsy Whitemoon and took a photo of her amazing caravan; you can read more about that here. We also went to check out the Licorice Factory and the Roundhouse and other spots around town: that’ll be in its own post, too. And finally… our take on Junee Top Tourist Park. We’ll try to do a quick review of each place we stay.

All coming up. Right now I’ve done enough hard work for one day (yawn… the less you do, the lazier you get…) so I’ll save all that for tomorrow.



Happy Hour People at Junee — 6 Comments

  1. Its wonderful to see you are back on the road, looking forward to reading your posts.
    Have a wonderful trip and be safe but mostly enjoy.

  2. Thanks Karen & Mick… we think it’s wonderful to be back on the road too! Off to Bendigo today; booked in for 5 days because it’s a long weekend in Victoria. The park got a great rap from Badger’s site, so we’re looking forward to it.

    We’ll be putting up caravan park overviews for every park we stay in. I’d better get to work over the weekend and update!

    Off to have breakfast before we hitch up and get on the road…

    Marg & Rob

  3. Hi Marg & Rob,
    We where at Junee last weekend 2nd & 3rd & were lucky enough to arrive the weekend they had a festive on. Lovely place to stay for at couple of days & the Top Tourist park was great, nice grass etc. Pitty we missed you it would have been good to have a chat.
    You are most likely saying who are you, we had a quick meeting at Wentworth when you were doing a story about the lock’s & the amount of water in Darling etc a few years ago.

    Cheer for now Lyn & Phil.

    • Hi Lyn and Phil,

      What a shame we missed you! It would have been so good to catch up again.

      Have you seen the blog post on Caravan and Motorhome that has your pic in it? In case you haven’t… it’s here:

      We were also sorry to have missed the Festival – imagine coming in the very next day! But even if we’d known it was on, we couldn’t come earlier – Rob was on call until the night before we set off. Now that he’s going back to casual work, we’ll be a lot more flexible planning ahead to take advantage of festivals like this.

      Where are you now? Back home or still on the road? We booked into the A-Line at Bendigo today – here over the Victorian long weekend.

      Catch you later!

  4. Hi Rob & Marg. It was great to catch up with you both and have happy hour with you at Junee. We ended up staying there again on our way home. It was a nice little caravan park. Enjoy the rest of your trip and we will catch with you later on. Safe travels
    Cheers and Beers
    Allan & Vicki

    • Hi Al and Vicki! Yes, we enjoyed our time at Junee too; I’m not surprised you went back. It’s going on our list of fave parks.
      Rob’s back at work – for now. Finishes up at the end of next week! Yee hah!
      Queensland in June… here we come.

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