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Marg writing outside caravanSo many people have asked me about this that I thought I’d better do a quick post on it.

During the year we spent travelling around Australia, we met lots of people earning money to support their travels. Some used their earnings as pocket money; a way to earn a few extra dollars for special trips or excursions. Some needed to generate enough income to fund their on-the-road lifestyle.

We met people working in hospitality; people following the harvest trail; people operating market stalls (selling craft objects or caravan supplies) and people providing services like hair cuts or mechanical repairs. We met volunteers who worked in exchange for a place to stay.

There are lots of ways to bring in cash while you’re travelling, and all of them suit different people and different personalities. I really enjoy what I do: I earn money by writing.

I mostly write articles for magazines and books published by Amazon (fiction and non-fiction), but in the past I have also been a ghostwriter (working for an hourly rate, writing books and articles that other people publish under their name, not mine.)

While travelling, I met countless caravanners and RVers who kept blogs and wrote about their experiences. Lots of others admitted that they enjoyed writing poetry or that they had always wanted to write a book.

If you’re one of these – if the idea of earning money while you travel by writing – appeals to you, then why not get started?

One of the easiest ways you can begin is by writing articles for magazines like Caravan & Motorhome. They are always looking for travel features (can you write about places you visit in an interesting way?) and stories about van renovations, earning money while travelling, and tips on tricking out your van to make living in it more enjoyable.

Where can you contact them? Start with this thread on the Caravan & Motorhome forum and take it from there.

OK: that’s a start for articles based on your caravanning lifestyle. What else can you do?

You can write a book, give it a spit and polish, and publish in on Amazon Kindle or Smashwords. You can try either fiction or non-fiction. At the moment I’m focusing on the Kindle platform, because Amazon is one of the gorillas of marketing and promotion. However, there are lots of options. If you like writing, but you’re new to considering it as a career, then spend some time cruising around my writing sites and read the articles there. There’s plenty there to educate you and get you started. (Why not join in one of the weekly writing challenges to get your feet wet?) Here are links to various sites and blogs:


Writing4Success Blog

If you are impatient and want advice that’s tightly-written and to the point, that’s why I created the Busy Writer series of books. (Because we’re all busy, and we want to cut to the chase!) You can see them on Amazon, Kobo, Nook and iBooks.

View my author page on Amazon:

Well, that should be enough to get you thinking. Just one thing… DON’T GET OVERWHELMED. If you’re interested in writing, just take your time and tackle it one step at a time. Decide whether you want to write just articles, or fiction, or a bit of both. (If we’re talking money, then sorry, you’re not going to make much – if any – by writing poetry.)





Earning Money By Writing — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Marg 🙂 was going through this blog post and really enjoyed reading it all. I’ve bookmarked your links and follow you now on Amazon Australia as I want to start reading your books.

    I am always clicking on links in blog posts to see where it takes me hahaha and noticed that the link to your Busy Writer Blog does not work so hereby letting you know that.

    Kindest regards,

  2. Thanks Martha! I’ve consolidated my websites and now anything about the Busy Writer books is on another site… decided I didn’t need the Busy Writer blog as well.
    Marg 🙂

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