Days 6-7 Traralgon


We can’t get over how nice the sites are that we’re getting so far! The Olive Grove was fabulous, of course; Bombala and Marlo were excellent grassy sites in a nice location, and now Traralgon… the gardener said as he drove around “You’ve got the second best site in the park!”

We were on what was known as the ‘willow tree site’ – highly recommended: ask for it if you check in! It’s like having your own grassy back garden with a willow tree growing in it.


(What was the ‘first best’ site? One with another little garden area, right next to the amenities. Which, by the way, were excellent – ensuite style!)


Basically, at Traralgon we just took a deep breath and had a few quiet days, but we did (being caravanners!) walk to the nearby caravan dealership to look at what was on offer. (John Grant’s caravans, in case you’re interested). We’ll never get sick of looking at caravans! We did like the one with a central bathroom, opening into both the bedroom and the living area. There was one there that caught our eye because it had recliner chairs, but when we tried sitting down, we found that the tri-fold table that let down between the chairs was far too high! It was probably set at cafe-style-seating height, but as we all know, recliners are much lower than cafe seating – it was like sitting down to eat at a table that came up to your chin! (Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not too much.) Sometimes I wonder whether caravan designers actually try out living in a caravan with their designs… LOL

NEXT… on to Berwick!


Days 6-7 Traralgon — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for publishing your travel blog. We also are caravan travel ‘freaks’and love it! When we ordered our caravan with recliner chairs we asked for the table to be left unattached. This way my husband was able to fix it to the height we needed. Like you we often wonder about caravan manufacturers!

    • Very sensible of you, Diane! We have just finished our caravan mods and guess what? Yep, we decided on no fixed table! Much better.

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