Days 3-5 Bombala and Marlo


While we were venturing south, we just HAD to include Bombala on our travels…Rob was posted there with the (then) Bank of NSW (now Westpac), and we spent the first 3 years of our married life there. Our eldest son, Brendan, was born in Bombala.

Bombala_20 Bombala_27

Right next to the Bombala River, Bombala Caravan Park is small but well-maintained, with excellent facilities (even with a timed heater!). A walk across the bridge will take you to the township – just as sleepy as we remembered it all those years ago! – and there’s a lovely river walk you can do. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see a platypus or two.

Bombala_37 Bombala_35 Bombala_3


We couldn’t resist taking a photo of the house we lived in for 3 years. Now privately owned (it was a bank house) it has been looked after and looks like a lovely little family home.


The autumn leaves were spectacular when we were there. A nice little stopover if you’re in the area.


From Bombala we moved on to Marlo, on the Victorian coast near Orbost, following the mountain road via Cann River. Marlo is almost as sleepy as Bombala, and a delight for fishermen. That, of course, ruled out Rob, but we enjoyed our few days there anyway!

Marlo_25 Marlo_20 Marlo_33 Marlo_30 Marlo_18 Marlo_2


We did a day trip to Orbost, and were lucky enough to catch an excellent display put on by the local Historical Society, outlining the history of rail in the area. Orbost has taken the trouble to create a delightful tourist area near the info centre, which itself is in an original slab hut which was relocated to its present site.

Orbost_Vic_2 Orbost_Vic_5 Orbost_Vic_7 Orbost_Vic_26 Orbost_Vic_28 Orbost_Vic_31 Orbost_Vic_40 Orbost_Vic_43 Orbost_Vic_45 Orbost_Vic_47 Orbost_Vic_51


There are quite a few free camping spots along the road between Marlo and Orbost: take the time to scout these first… a few, we noticed, were a lot closer to the road than others. One or two were nicely tucked away a short distance from the road.

Marlo_3 Marlo_4 Marlo_7


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