Cunnamulla and Wyandra

The road between St George and Cunnamulla was a shocker: it was like a switchback ride. Not only were we tossed from side to side, every so often the road sent the van plunging down then up again. The curious thing was that you couldn’t see anything on the road surface to indicate that this was going to happen. One minute you’re bowling along happily (well, bumpily); the next you’re plunging up and down. Combine that with wandering stock (sheep, cattle, pigs) and the road kill, and you have a fun trip. In lots of cases we had to indicate to go around a big buck lying dead on the road, smack in the middle of our lane. Luckily we didn’t encounter anyone coming towards us on the other side when this happened.

We dutifully stopped in Cunnamulla and took Rob’s pic with the Cunnamulla Fella (which was the main reason he wanted to go to Cunnamulla!); grabbed some weak coffee and lukewarm chicken chippees for lunch then climbed back in the faithful BT-50 and kept rattling and bumping our way to Wyandra free camp, where we stopped overnight.

Cunnamulla Fella

Wyandra Free Camp

We couldn’t find the free camp at first; we drove past the Wyandra Caravan Park, at the back of the pub, and circumnavigated the block… then we finally located it a block further back from the highway, adjoining the school. The Wyandra folk have battled to keep the park open, and it’s a good place to stay – there were over a dozen rigs there the night we stayed.

Wyandra Free Camp

I loved the graffiti all over the doors of the toilet and (hot) showers admonishing campers on correct behaviour, donations, and supporting the town by spending money there. We were happy to do that, as were most of the other campers there.




There’s a nice area for a fire to gather around, and plenty of space for a number of caravans/motorhomes/campers or whatever. Telstra coverage was 3-4 bars.


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