Buying a Used Caravan – Make a Wish List

Use this “Caravan Wish List” as an example, and create your own list, based on your needs.

  • Caravan length (total external length from back of chassis to tow hitch AND internal length)
  • Caravan weight  (check your vehicle’s legal towing capacity)
  • Pop-top or full van? (A pop-top is actually heavier than a full van of the same size, but it has a lower profile if you need to get it under a carport or into a garage.)
  • Full bathroom (toilet, shower, hand basin)
  • Shower/Toilet combo
  • Queen bed or twin beds
  • Fridge size: small, medium or large 2-door fridge
  • Roof-mounted TV aerial and/or roof-mounted satellite dish
  • Seating: café seating (two bench seats facing each other); L-shaped seating; club lounge (wraps around end of caravan); recliner chairs
make a caravan wish-list

make a caravan wish-list

  • Table: Fixed, movable or fold-down
  • Cupboard space: make a list – slide-out pantry, doors, pot drawers?
  • Adequate bench space
  • Cooking: full oven and cooktop/grill, or just a cooktop? One electric element and 3 gas, or all gas?
  • Microwave
  • Window treatments: curtains, venetians, or slide-down blinds (or no preference)
  • Air-conditioning
  • Solar panels
  • Storage – do you want hanging space, just shelves, or no preference?
  • TV: Flat panel? Two TVs? (One in the living area, one in the bedroom or in an outside hatch)
  • Radio/iPod connections
  • Outside speakers
  • Annexe
  • Exterior matting
  • Rear camera

If you buy a used caravan, you might be lucky enough to find a van that has been equipped with all kinds of extras: anything from an annexe to portable solar panels, a generator, and camp chairs. Some people who have decided not to travel anymore sell everything as a package, including pots, pans, plates, and cutlery.


Does the sale include any extras like an annexe, solar panels, chairs or other equipment?

Weigh up the cost of buying a new van with all these extras versus buying a used van with all kinds of bonuses thrown in.

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