Ants and other creepy crawlies

antsWhen we were going around Australia, we encountered some people who had terrible trouble with ants. Now we regularly spray around the van when we travel – especially if we see a busy trail of ants nearby!

We’ve also tried about a gazillion insect repellents (plus our own concoction made from a ‘recipe’ recommended by someone at Rollingstone park!) Here’s an extract from my blog post at the time: 

Everyone you see there is scratching in a frenzy. People stand about and exchange tips about the best bug repellent. I mixed up the home-made insect repellent that so many caravanners swear by (equal quantities of Dettol, DD Eucalyptus and baby oil), put it in a spray bottle and applied it liberally before going ‘up on the hill’ for Happy Hour. (The bugs particularly like to congregate in the grass there and attack every square inch of unprotected skin.)

Well, let me tell you, I sprayed every MILLIMETRE of skin. I was satiny with baby oil and fragrant with Dettol and DD Eucalyptus. I was very proud of the results until Rob shook his head sadly and told me I might as well just use sheep dip.

Huh! Charming!!! Oh well… midgies or not, it won’t stop us coming back. Great park.

So there you go. Dettol, DD Eucalyptus, and baby oil!

Meanwhile, back to the ants. There was a recent discussion Facebook about what to do about ants, with lots of comments! You can read it here:


I liked Chris Olafson’s advice: “Think like an ant.” (There you go. You heard it from a pest expert. LOL)

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