All Set to Travel With My Caffitaly…

Caffitaly_MiniI am weak and shallow. I admit it. That’s why I now own a Woolworths Caffitaly Coffee Machine, all ready to install in our caravan.

You see, Rob and I try to do our bit for the environment. (We’re not saints, believe me… but we do make an effort to recycle, take our rubbish with us, conserve power and water, etc etc.)

I had two main reasons for not buying a pod-style coffee machine for the caravan.

  1. It seemed to me that all those used pods were going to do a great deal to clutter up the environment compared with tossing coffee grounds into the rubbish. All that plastic!
  2. You couldn’t buy coffee pods in an everyday supermarket (Woolies or Coles). I wasn’t keen on buying them online or at Harvey Norman.

It didn’t worry me that the machine lacked a milk frothing wand, because I always got better results stretching the milk with a plain old coffee plunger anyway.

THEN… Woolies brought out the Caffitaly, plus a range of coffee pods in their own brand as well as a Gloria Jeans range.

I dithered. One of my reasons for not purchasing had just disappeared.

Hmmm. It would certainly be easier to just pop in pods, I told myself. Not nearly as messy…

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…. I found myself comparing the amount of plastic in pods to the amount of foil wrap in a coffee brick. Definitely, the environment would suffer. Sigh.

Maybe I could re-fill the pods? I Googled it, and thought: What’s the point? This is even messier than the old way.

I am sorry to report that I caved in. I bought one to try (only $79 with the Woolies Select card – and this week on special for $69!).

Yes… I am weak. I used the Caffitaly for ONE DAY and that was it.

NO COMPARISON. Oh, the bliss of just popping in a pod instead of measuring and tamping down and scraping out old grounds. AND it had plenty of room for a large mug (unlike my old machine).


I fully understand that real baristas are probably rolling their eyes and gnashing their teeth and would dearly love to lecture me about the difference between proper coffee and pod coffee, but – what can I say? I love the convenience of the new machine. In fact, rather than tote the machine back and forth between the van and home (we stay in it on odd weekends as well as travel for longer periods) I bought TWO. One is happily nestled into a corner of the kitchen. The other is in the garage awaiting transport to the caravan.

And Vinnies will be the happy beneficiaries of the old machine – and the coffee grinder. 🙂


All Set to Travel With My Caffitaly… — 3 Comments

    • They’re still $79 for customers with an Everyday Rewards card. Good price for a coffee machine. I went out today and stocked up on pods for the caravan. Packing time!

  1. I bought my Caffitaly coffee machine just before Christmas for the knockout price of $49 at woolworths, I stocked up on the Gloria jeans capsules it is stored in my caravan and always ready for when we go out and about in the van. Best $49 I ever spent.

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