Travelling with the Whales

There’s nothing nicer than getting a phone call from someone you’ve met on the road – and that’s what happened this morning. When I swiped ‘answer’ on my phone, I found a blast from the past – in the form of John Whale, last seen in Batemans Bay when we were on the last leg of our trip around Australia.

At the time, the film crew were with us. Well, nobody escapes the film crew – so when we struck up a conversation with John and Judy, the film crew saw it as a great opportunity to add a little cameo to the DVD! So John and Judy found themselves working around cameras, cables, and cameramen.

At the time, John and Judy were travelling in their faithful old Viscount caravan, but were keen to buy a Crusader – just as soon as they sold their house!

After three frustrating years, the house finally sold – and now John and Judy are travelling full time in their lovely new Crusader Platinum. While they travel, they’re keeping an eye out for a place they’d like to settle.

It was great to hear from them again, and I’m sure we’ll meet up again on the road before too long!

Here are a few pics of us with the Whales, and of John and Judy doing their piece for the film crew.


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