Sussex Inlet

Sussex Inlet signpost - no chance of getting lostBefore we set off for our South Coast jaunt, we asked a friend who bought a house at Sussex Inlet if he could recommend a park. (We were stunned to see that there were about a dozen caravan parks in the area!)

He suggested Sussex Palms because he thought the owner had been doing a bit of work on the place. It wasn’t one of the ones right in the town centre, but that didn’t really worry us. I won’t write too much about it here, because it’ll be on our Reviews page – but we’ve found it to be a nice little park with a friendly owner. You won’t get a lot of interaction with other caravanners, though: there are only 5 powered sites in the whole park.

(I did read on Badger’s park reviews site that someone got the impression that Sussex Inlet was ‘where old caravans go to die’ – we can see why: we walked past or drove past quite a few of the parks, and there are lots and lots and lots… and lots… of very old vans!)

Back to Sussex Inlet. It’s a nice, sleepy little town (well, sleepy at the time of year we’re here, anyway). The population swells considerably in summer and the school holidays, and it’s all boats, boats and more boats. Well, what else would you expect, with the waterways here leading straight into St. George’s basin?

You can sit on the shore and watch small fishing boats, big fishing boats, old wooden boats, kayaks, tiny dinghies and even the local dragon boat crew, if you pick the right day. Right across the water is the iconic Christian’s Minde retreat/holiday accommodation, currently undergoing refurbishment by keen new owners.

Christian's Minde opposite Sussex Inlet township

At Sussex Inlet you’ll see kangaroos grazing at the side of the streets, and the fishing is good. (Let’s say the fishing is good for most people. He Who Cannot Catch a Fish Even When in the Company of an Expert isn’t most people. Say no more.)

If you like t-shirts and clothes from surf shops (or you know a relative or two who’d like a present) you’ll be happy to learn that the Ocean & Earth factory and outlet is right here in Sussex Inlet. Pay a visit and browse. We bought a nice t-shirt and trakky daks for our grandson.

Ocean & Earth oulet at Sussex Inlet

The food here is worth a word or two. You can get good, inexpensive meals at the local RSL, right at the waterfront (we’ve eaten there a couple of times, on this and previous visits) but you really must try breakfast at the Jopen cafe in the middle of town. According to the local grapevine, the bloke who prepares the meals used to be the chef at the RSL, and that might account for why you get a wider choice than usual when it comes to breakfast: not just the usual Big Breakfast or bacon and eggs, but things like traditional lambs’ fry and hermit crab omelette. I couldn’t resist trying the Tanga toast: french toast drizzled in maple syrup, topped with sliced bananas, strawberries and walnuts, with an accompaniment of either sausage or bacon. Yum. I plan to cook that for breakfast myself sometime soon… stay tuned!

The food at the local bowling club and the pub is supposed to be okay as well. We probably won’t get to try them all this time, but next time… we’ll give it a go.

Our caravan park was right next to the Riverside Park, and just across the road was the SeaCrest Park. (The Riverside and the SeaCrest are both waterfront). We’re beginning to see how come there are so many caravan parks here – some of them are very small. All the ones we’ve seen (in the centre of town and down where we are) seem to have a lot of permanents. And a lot of cabins. I guess that’s the way things are going now: most parks seem to call themselves ‘holiday parks’ or ‘resorts’, not ‘caravan parks’.

Sussex Inlet

All in all, Sussex Inlet is a pleasant seaside town with a good shopping centre and plenty of caravan parks to choose from. For caravanners:

  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Indoor heated lap pool
  • Movie theatre
  • Boutique shops, newsagent, banks, clubs, pub, IGA, hardware store, Op Shop, craft shop
  • Bushwalking
  • Birdwatching
  • Close to Jervis Bay, Hukisson, St Georges Basin and Booderee National Park.




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  1. I enjoy reading your Blogs Marj, we ourselves have a van and last year moved from being full time on the road for 4 years, to buying a little home in Arrawarra NSW in a village so that we have a base and still travel. We love it, and now enjoy if we feel like a trip home we can just some back and walkin and have a home – best of both worlds. Keep up all your writing I just love reading your stories.

    • Hi Lynley! I’m glad you’re enjoying our blog… we haven’t done a lot since we were travelling around Australia, but next year we’ll be on the road a lot more, and I intend to keep blogging!
      We stayed at Arrawarra (just overnight) once – the park was near a golf course. Lovely spot. How did you enjoy your four years full-time on the road?
      We’ve just sold our house (well, you probably know that from our blog) and it’s so good to move into a smaller place!

  2. Hi Marg & Rob
    I have just spotted your website. Had been wondering what had happened to you both since the big trip which I followed with great interest and still watch your DVD’s over again from time to time.
    I am alas one of the working class sill…:( but I do get to use my van and Prado for work trips all over Qld. We just had a 2 week one to Mt Isa and back over to Yeppoon and then home to the Gold Coast.
    Getting ready for our Xmas holiday to the Atherton Tablelands via Moore Park Beach and many other spots for 4 weeks…Yeehaa!!!
    I am as they say a caravan addict…hahahaha. It is my hobby as well as my enjoyment. Another 8 years or so and I will be travelling full time around Oz until I drop I suspect.
    Anyways enough of my prattle. I really look forward to reading your reviews and blogs. If you are ever on the Gold Coast feel free to drop in for a plunger cappucino at our home…:)
    Cheers to you both,
    Bruce, Mum and Cino (the poodle).

  3. Hi Bruce, Mum and Cino!

    We’ve been around… not doing a lot of travelling while we sold the house etc; now we’re renting and looking for a new one, so we can finalise all of that before we hit the road again next year!

    I bet you had a great time on your trip to Mt Isa and Yeppoon. Just enough to whet the appetite before going away for a month at Christmas, eh? 🙂

    Thanks for the Gold Coast invite… we usually pass through there on our way north. We’re planning to head up as far as Cooktown next year (probably leaving in July) but I think Rob’s master plan involves going up through country areas and returning via the coast.

    Happy travels!

    Marg (and Rob too of course; he’s off at work at the moment.)

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