Stopover at Deniliquin

We decided on just an overnight stop at Deniliquin, on our way to Bendigo. Between Junee and Deniliquin we spotted a couple of stockmen and dogs mooching along the side of the road, and up ahead, wandering across the road, the cows they were herding along. Just one of the joys of driving along country roads. (The cows looked more interested in us than afraid they might be mowed down.)

cows on road

Stopped at Narrandera for a drink and a bite to eat; this is a good spot for caravanners to stop for lunch. When you’re driving through town you’ll see that there’s plenty of space to pull up with a caravan on either side of the road next to the park. Best of all, right next door is the Information Centre with toilets. We made a sandwich in the van and took it over to the tables in the park.

When we were just about to leave, we were hailed by Liz and Des, who were on the site next to us at Junee. After taking a look at several caravan parks at Narrandera, they decided on Lake Talbot Tourist Park (Top Tourist), and said they were happy with their choice, looking down on the lake.


Pulled in overnight at the Deniliquin Riverside Caravan Park This was fine for a stopover (see more details here). We wandered around the park to check it out and ran into Dot, who had been staying there since before Christmas. Happy traveling around in her van, she told us that home was wherever she pulled up in her trusty Toyota van. And she did indeed look at home, relaxing in her chair outside the van. It was a very hot day (towards the end of a cycle of above-average temperatures that had kept Victoria sweltering for over a week) but Dot was supremely happy, kept cool by a gentle mist of water via the cooling system she’d got from Bunnings. We immediately decided to investigate it for ourselves the minute we got to Bendigo (stay tuned!)

Dot and the cooling mist system.

Dot shows us the cooling system she bought from Bunnings… note the hose above her head.

We didn’t stay long at the Riverside Caravan Park, but it would probably suit anyone who wanted access to the river for fishing, boating, canoeing etc.


Stopover at Deniliquin — 4 Comments

  1. Marg, this cooling system – does it deliver a fine misty spray like you sometimes find in sidewalk cafes? Most refreshing on a scorcher of a day.

    • The very same! We trotted along to Bunnings when we got to Bendigo and bought a kit for ourselves. We used it on several consecutive days when the temperature was around 35 degrees – worked like a charm. I’m posting a bigger pic of the box when I do the Bendigo post. (We actually got to see it in action at Bunnings – they had it mounted under a pergola tent thingy. The bloke we talked to said he used it at home on his patio and it was terrific. (He bought 3 kits and the connector kit and ran it right along the edge, he said.)

  2. Hi Marg & Rob,
    Must say, I DO like the sound of the water cooling system, the first time we came across one of them was our very first trip to the Country Music Festival in Tamworth, 8yrs ago. One of the Pubs up there used to use the system, don’t think they are allowed to now, maybe because of possible health and safety issues, a person may slip on the wet floor, we sure miss it when we go up there now.

    For myself, I think they the misting is a terrific idea, if one is in a hot dry climate, anything to help keep a Nomad cool suits me!

    Bye for now, keep on having fun.

    Us two xx

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