Sphere 2.5 kg Top Loading Washing Machine for Caravan

Woo hoo! I took a quick drive to Nowra yesterday, met up with Stuart Langman (of Prestige Benchtops and Furniture) who did the mods to our Northstar van. Kaj at Nowra Canvas is just down the road and picked it up from Stu’s ready to build our new annexe. But that will be in the next lot of photos… meanwhile, back to the caravan modifications.

The main thing we wanted done was to have a washing machine installed. After travelling around Australia for a year with a washing machine, we decided it fell into the category of A Good Thing to Have.

And as luck would have it, we had the perfect spot for it. Originally, we had a computer workstation installed in the Northstar, but it failed to live up to expectations. It was too narrow, and I felt cramped working there… and worst of all I couldn’t use an external keyboard and mouse with my laptop. (If I wanted to use a mouse, I had to perch it up on the counter, which is a big strain on your arm and wrist if you keep it up for more than a few minutes. You can see in the pic below how much higher the counter is than the laptop shelf.) However… it provided the perfect space for a washing machine, and the Sphere 2.5 kg top-loading auto fitted in beautifully.

Stu called in a plumber, and an electrician to add a powerpoint above the bench (didn’t need one for the washing machine, because there were outlets in the cupboard – but I DID need one above the counter for the coffee machine). Stu did all the joinery work, and did a great job.There was a small square shelf in a corner under the overhead cupboards, to hold the satellite decoder, but it was too small for the decoder we used at home – so we asked Stu to fit a long shelf right across the space.

Here you can see the before-and-after pics, showing how the computer workstation became the washing machine space.

Here’s a closeup of the washing machine:

Sphere 2.5 kg top loading washing machine

At first, when we were talking about putting in a washing machine, I wanted a front-loader, because the one we used on our trip around Oz worked so well. But now that I see this one, I’m glad we went with it – for a start, it will be much easier to get clothes in and out of a top-loader! And secondly (the most important thing in Rob’s eyes) is that this model weighs 18 kg, compared to over 50 kg for Dometic’s front-loader.



Sphere 2.5 kg Top Loading Washing Machine for Caravan — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Marg & Rob,
    Love the look of the modifications. Oh, how I wish we had room for a washing machine; I envy you, it makes life just that bit easier on the road. No yukky, van park washing machines to clean oot before doing the washing!!

    I am also looking forward to seeing the annex that is being made for your van.

  2. I can still remember when we ordered the van: the manufacturer asked if we wanted a washing machine. “Oh no,” I said immediately, “all the van parks have a laundry, no need.”

    Then I travelled in a van WITH a machine… and couldn’t believe how much easier it made life! (Apart from the cleanliness issue with caravan park machines, there’s the trek to the laundry, the rushing over early to get a machine; the checking a watch to make sure you’re not making someone else wait…)

    We’ll post pics of the annexe when we’ve got it all in place.


  3. Hi Marg and Rob
    We love the look of the Sphere washing machine and would like to purchase the same for installation in our Van. Do Prestige Benchtops and Furniture do these installations in Vans for the general public? How long would they need the van for to do the installation?
    Love your new website and look forward to reading all about your new adventures. We are “brand newies” to caravanning and are heading off on our first travelling trip in 2 weeks time around Victoria.
    Take care
    Chris & Pauline

    • We are really happy with the Sphere. Yes, as far as I know Prestige Benchtops and furniture are happy to do installation in vans. We left our van there about a week, but we were also having an annexe made by Nowra Canvas just down the road, so they came and picked it up – we were easily able to kill two birds with one stone!
      Glad you’re enjoying the website. I’m about to update it with some pics from the weekend! We’ll start travelling in earnest again next year – maybe we’ll meet you on the road. Enjoy your trip to Victoria. If you start a blog, send us the link so we can have a look!
      Marg & Rob

  4. Hi Marg and Rob,
    Great to see you have hit the road again! How long are you off for and where are you headed?
    We would just like to say thank you for the recommendation to have our Sphere washing machine installed by Stu and Prestige Benchtops. We dropped the van off a few weeks ago and picked it up Thursday. We had to change the initial design to adapt the our ensuite but the finished job is perfect. All the timber and trim matched beautifully and if we ever need a service on the washing machine it is so easy to remove.Stu is a terrific guy and we will also be recommending him to anyone who is contemplating installing a washing machine.
    Enjoy your travels!! I retire at the end of July so not too many more sleeps until we can hit the Rd also. Hopefully we might meet up one day at a spot on one of our trips..
    Take care and safe travels
    Chris & Pauline

  5. Hi Chris and Pauline,

    Yes, we think it’s great to be on the road again too! We’re sort of mooching along the Murray – spending the long weekend at Bendigo and then off to the Grampians for 4 days, then probably Swan Hill/Echuca.

    I’m so glad you’re happy with the installation of your washing machine – I’m not surprised though: Stu really is a top craftsman. (I guess he wouldn’t have been working on the Sydney-to-Hobart maxi yachts if he wasn’t!)

    So, retiring at the end of July, huh? And I’m sure it can’t come quickly enough. We’re heading up to Queensland in the last week of June; plan to be on the road for about three months. Give us a yell if you’re going to be going in the same direction!

    Marg & Rob.

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