Introducing the McFlair

Our new McFlair, at Gundagai Riverside Caravan Park!

Our new McFlair, at Gundagai Riverside Caravan Park!


We’ve been on the hunt for a caravan that is a bit shorter and a bit lighter than the one we have… and we’ve finally found it. Well, actually, we’ve found it and bought it and sold the Northstar Windeyer, so everything is happening quite quickly!


Goodbye to our faithful Northstar Windeyer – welcome to your new owners, Chris and Judy!

We were looking for a van that was comfortable and came with an ensuite and a queen bed – and also were keen to find one (if possible) that had diesel heating and ESC. If it didn’t have those two things, we planned to add them anyway, so that would have been a factor in the cost of the van.

As it happened, we found a caravan that seemed to tick all the boxes – but it was in Victoria. We could have given the seller a holding deposit subject to viewing, but it was a fairly long haul just to look at a van – what if it wasn’t suitable?

Trina and Ray (with Drummer) jumped in enthusiastically to inspect the Royal Flair

Trina and Ray (with Drummer) jumped in enthusiastically to inspect the Royal Flair

Then we discovered that friends of ours – Trina and Ray Morris – were going to be putting their caravan in for a service only 4 km away from the dealer. They were only too happy to check it out for us – in fact, they gave us a running commentary via phone, and lots and lots of photos, on TWO vans. Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty.

Anyway, Trina’s summing up was “This is the van! Put a deposit on it subject to viewing and get your skates on!” So we did.

And it’s everything that we hoped.

Smaller, lighter, diesel heating, ESC, two-door fridge, queen bed and ensuite. It also had a brushed metal splashback and colours we really liked.

Rob hitches up our next caravan...

Rob hitches up our next caravan…

So here we are, everyone… introducing our new van! (Which, at Ray’s suggestion, is going to go by the name of ‘The McFlair’).

And we have to mention how fortunate we are to have friends like Trina and Ray. Not only did they check out the caravan thoroughly for us, they had dinner cooked and waiting in the fridge of the cabin we booked the night before we picked up the van – just pop in the microwave! Plus a bottle of wine to celebrate… AND Tim-Tams!

Dinner all ready in the fridge, with wine - "just heat and serve!"

Dinner all ready in the fridge, with wine – “just heat and serve!”

Finally – to reinforce the ‘this van was meant for us’ feeling – we were towing it back when we spotted a Facebook post from Debbie Smith saying “SMS me privately!” and “Call into Wangaratta for coffee!” It took a moment to connect the dots, but then we realised that Debbie was our lovely new van’s first owner! So we called in for coffee, learnt more about the history of the van, and now we have more new caravanning friends in Debbie and Ron.

Debbie (the previous owner) says: "And here's an apron for Rob when he's cooking!"

Debbie (the previous owner) says: “And here’s an apron for Rob when he’s cooking!”

No wonder we love life on the road…

P.S. And another coincidence… the compliance plate was date-stamped my birthday. Yup, it was meant for us! 🙂


Back home!

Back home!


Introducing the McFlair — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Marg & Rob,
    Big congratulations on the new van, & yes it was certainly meant for you ! isn’t fate a strange & wonderful thing. Have communicated a few times with you over the last few years, in particular when you did the big lap for C&M.
    Glad you are both well. We head off next Monday to Cairns then Darwin in our new Retreat van & looking forward to it as we couldn’t get away last winter due to new beautiful grand-daughter that we will miss big time. Best wishes, Geoff.

    • Hi Geoff… it’s good to hear from you again! A new van for you, too? I bet you’re keen to get going! Lovely to spend some time with your new granddaughter… but just as lovely to start travelling again. Cairns to Darwin sounds lovely. We’ll probably head down to the south coast of NSW sometime soon just for a week or so… but we head off in July for a longer period. (Leave those cold winter months behind!) Maybe we’ll catch up with you again. (Sure to, sooner or later!) – Marg & Rob

  2. Wow, congrats guys, can’t wait to hear about McFlair’s travels. We haven’t ever meet you but we feel we know you, we have followed your travels from C&M Around the Block. And we follow the C&M Facebook page. We just love the magazine Marg. Keep up the great work.

    • Hi Karen… Well, perhaps one day we’ll meet up on the road face to face! Glad you enjoy the mag and the Facebook page. I have promised myself to post regularly to the blog from now on, so stay tuned! (FB is okay, but I’ve found it’s a real challenge to find a previous post – so I’m blogging again!) 😉

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