Fitting a CB Radio

CB-MiniOnly a few weeks now until we head off, so we figured it was time to have the CB Radio fitted.

We opted for a GME radio, which seemed to be easy to use and wouldn’t take up too much room. Where to place something like this is always a problem – there never seems to be much room on the dash!

We let the blokes who installed it decide, and as it happens, it fits well just to the left of the steering wheel and a little below the indicator. Rob can reach it easily; I can reach it easily, and it doesn’t get in the way of anything else.

So far we’ve only had time to try it out around town, but there are plenty of truckies on the Illawarra roads! This weekend we’re off to Sussex Inlet for 3 days, so there’ll be more of a chance to put it through its paces.

We had one similar to this when we went around Australia a couple of years ago, and it worked pretty well.



Fitting a CB Radio — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Marg,Looks good. I also fitted a UHF last week to the new Pajero. Opted for a Uniden 7760 which gets concealed under dash panels,as all controls & speaker in the hand piece, which was fitted in the same place as yours. So far so good.
    Sold my Landcruiser 60 series after 23 years of brilliant service, it was very nearly a Kleenex moment as the buyer drove it away!

    Watched one of your trip DVD’s the other night at Billabong Sanctuary Park ( I think it was)& you had the (large)python wrapped around your neck – you looked a bit hesitant !!!

    Take care,

    • Uniden always make a good product. We liked the handpiece with all the buttons on it, too. An essential piece of touring equipment – lost count of the times it was handy with road trains and truckies.

      We’re having a wake for your Cruiser. Rob is raising a nice cold beer in memory of it, and I’m helping out with a nice slug of Jameson’s. (Oh, and it’s a welcome to the Prado too, of course. Cars KNOW if you don’t appreciate them.)

      Wow, Billabong Sanctuary Park! I remember that day well. It was the day after the encounter with a Kenworth truck, and Rob had to cancel filming for the day to chase up insurance and wait around for assessors. I just went and played with snakes and tried to pretend we hadn’t just seen our life pass before our eyes!

      So looking forward to our next trip. Only 2 weeks to go… We’re down with the caravan for the weekend at a friend’s property on the water at Sussex Inlet. Life’s tough.

      Marg & Rob

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