Culburra and the Anti-Bark Dog Collar

It’s always nice when you get a chance to catch up with another caravanner – and that’s what we were able to do this weekend. After a bit of to-and fro-ing on the phone chatting about Greg’s purchase of a Crusader Manhattan (and getting diagrams of Greg’s solution to generator storage) we finally set a date to catch up in person.


Greg and Sue invited us to join them at Culburra for lunch on the Sunday of the Australia Day long weekend. Although six tornadoes had struck the SE Queensland Coast, with accompanying wild weather and floods, and the bad weather was moving into northern NSW, down on the south coast we were fortunate to make the trip there and back in fine weather. What did we talk about? Caravans, parks, jobs, trips, roads, and… the anti-bark dog collar!

Greg and Sue like to take their doggie friends with them when they travel, and when we were discussing the various measures that caravanners use to make sure their pets are well-behaved guests, the conversation turned to dogs barking.

Until Sue showed it to us, we had no idea that there was any such thing as an “anti-bark spray collar”. Intrigued, we watched while Sue demonstrated, clicking it easily into place. (Well, we didn’t see it in action – obviously this was one dog that knew better than to bark once it’s in place!)

the anti-bark spray dog collar

The collar works by ejecting a quick spray of citronella-scented mist when it is activated by the dog’s bark. Greg and Sue assure us that it works like a charm. (If the citronella runs out the dog will start barking again, which is when you re-fill. NOTE: For a permanent solution you do need to partner use of the collar with training!).

There are plenty of websites that sell anti-bark spray collars of various sizes… just Google.

Well, you learn something new every day…

A very pleasant visit, and of course it has us champing at the bit to get on the road again. Caravan talk will do that to you (as will seeing a dozen or so caravans on the move while you’re driving!)


Culburra and the Anti-Bark Dog Collar — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Marg & Rob,
    Lucky you two, being able to get out in the van, we so envy your upcoming trip.

    We just do not know, when we will be able to do sme travelling again, and out recent trip to Tamworth, only whet our appetite! On the return trip, sans can, we noticed many caravans on the road, and of course, plenty up in Tamworth.

    Hope to chat to you soon, in the meantime, take care.


    • Yes, only a bit over a month to go and off we go… about time!
      We’ll have to catch up soon so you can tell us all about Tamworth. That’s been on our to-do list for so long!

  2. Hi, just wondering how you’re going with your Manhattan, we’re waiting for ours to be built. We’d really love to know how you’re going with it, we fell in love with the Manhattan when we saw it but we only seem to see bad things about them on the forums, we’re starting to worry we’ve made a bad decision, hope you don’t mind me asking:) all the best, Jan

    • Hi Jan and Gary,

      We’re currently travelling in our own van (which we bought before we signed up to go around Australia with Caravan & Motorhome) – it’s a Northstar Windeyer. It was in storage while we travelled around Oz.

      We found the Crusader Manhattan to be a well-made van, and we’ve met lots of other people travelling in Crusader Inspirations and Manhattans who seem to be really happy with their purchase. I think you can only judge for yourself. Really, on forums, you’ll find good and bad things said about pretty well any brand of caravan.

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