Around Australia Week 41 – Anglesea

After finishing our film shoot along the Great Ocean Road, we moseyed on just down the road a little to relax for a while in beautiful Anglesea. We stayed at Anglesea Beachfront Family Caravan Park, and really enjoyed it: it has good-sized grassy sites; beach and river frontage, and nice amenities… and a spa! The nice thing about the spa (which is adjacent to the swimming pool) is that it is undercover, and you can book it in half-hour slots so you can have it all to yourself – or yourself and a few friends (up to 8 allowed in the spa at any one time). There is a fee: $7 per half hour, payable at the time of booking. To me it was well worth it: I’d somehow managed to wrench my back and it was soooo sore… and those spa jets felt wonderful. Very relaxing.


The park IS pet friendly… but has a limited number of sites for travellers with pets, and you are required to restrict walking/playing with your pets to the designated part of the park. We met up with Sue and Mick Howard, who were staying a while with their dog.

Then Barbara and Alan Hardy came over for a chat from their van just a few sites over – set up within our line of sight, which turned out to be fortunate! The next morning we were having an early cuppa outside the van when we heard a cry for help.

“Rob! It’s Barbara! I’m locked in the van!”

It turned out Alan had gone off to play golf for the day, and had locked the door behind him as he went because Barbara was still asleep. Unfortunately the door didn’t quite catch properly, and poor Barbara couldn’t unlock it from the inside to get out! Then she spotted us outside our van, and Rob the caped Crusader came to the rescue… well, actually, all he had to do was lean on the door from the outside until it clicked, and Barbara was freed.

Late that afternoon Alan drove past us in the car (with Barbara sitting beside him). “Thanks!” he called out. “I tried to lock her in for the day but it didn’t work!”

“Mate, she offered me more money to let her out than you did to lock her in!” Rob told him.

We have since had an email from Alan saying ‘thanks for the photo’… and joking that he has “… tried to lock Barbara in the house several times but she keeps escaping…”


The next day Jan and Ivan Grose stopped in for a visit to chat about caravans, and shortly after Sue and Bob Governi and Peter and Chris Norris came over for a natter (yeah, okay, we caravanners could talk until the cows come home!) and we naturally couldn’t resist the opportunity for a happy snap… then another Peter and Chris (Thompson) rocked up to say they’d just bought a new camper trailer and were trying it out for the very first time.


Then we popped over the road to the Anglesea shopping centre and wandered into the chemist, only to find that Jenny (who worked there) was another fan of the caravanning lifestyle… and Jenny knew Kay Brown, who just happened to be there shopping because she lives in Anglesea… and we knew Kay from meeting her and husband Dave on the road a couple of times, the last time at Blue Lake a few weeks before…

People, people everywhere… J Do you ever get the sense that caravanners are taking over the world?

We met up again with Dave and Kay several times: once for a BBQ at their house just up the road, once for a social hour or two at the Golf Club (lovely view to enjoy with drinks!) and finally for a quick trip up to Lorne, for a cup of coffee and a bit of people-watching in the main drag.

You won’t be surprised, however, to hear that this trip wasn’t the extent of our socialising. (Maybe Anglesea is just that kind of town.)

The day before we left, we shared morning tea with Peter and Kaye Bindokas, who have a van at Anglesea on a 5-month lease. They love going there at weekends and for short stays, because they can don their swimsuits and just mosey off to the beach without a towel, thongs, or anything but their boogie boards. They go barefoot for the short hike across the grass and dunes to the beach, then back to the hot showers at the park before they return to the van. What a life!

I was most impressed that Kaye decided to teach herself to surf with a boogie board in her fifties… now she and Peter have a ball in the surf (usually waiting until the younger crowd have left, though!) Kaye also discovered, when she was around 40, that she had some artistic talent. (“SOME” artistic talent is putting it mildly. I attach a photo she took of her sketch of Jack, one of the family dogs. I can’t believe she didn’t start drawing until she was 40!)


So there you go… if there’s something you always wanted to do, have a go. Art. Boogie boarding. Body building. Knitting. Quilting. Photography. Playing a guitar.

The sky’s the limit…

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