Around Australia Week 17 – Rest Stops and Roadhouses

One of the things we enjoy doing is pulling into rest stops or roadhouses along the way and meeting people. (After you’ve been on the road a while, you start finding that you recognise caravans and people from somewhere else… which is always fun! A kind of ‘rest stop reunion’.)

On our way from Alice Springs to Kings Canyon, we stopped at Erldunda for a quick coffee and a snack… and who should be there but Gwen and Ron Lang, who had featured in an earlier Caravan and Motorhome DVD when their caravan was damaged by fire in the Victorian bushfires. They were travelling with their friends Gail & Denis (introducing them to life on the road!) and having a great time.

Gwen and Ron were heading in the opposite direction, heading for Alice to check out Palm Valley, Standley Chasm, Simpsons Gap, Ellery Creek Big Hole and Glen Helen, before traveling back down to Port Augusta.

Just goes to show you can’t keep a ‘Grey Nomad’ down! Caravan burnt in a bushfire…? Organise the repairs and hit the road again – and take your friends with you!


But Gwen and Ron weren’t the only interesting people we encountered at Erldunda. “Klaus the camel man” caused a great flurry of interest when he arrived at Erldunda in his.. um… custom-made ‘caravan’ pulled by two camels! He promptly set the camels free to feed on the local flora, and got ready to have his photo taken by pretty much everyone at the rest stop.

Klaus Menzel, 61, has been travelling around with this ‘rig’ for around eight years. (Two camels must keep the fuel fees nice and low…) Klaus could give many people lessons on entrepreneurial activities. It seems that being interviewed on camera for a TV show planted the seed for a nice little on-the-road business. Klaus put his thinking cap on, fired up his computer, and now he sells DVDs showing his unique lifestyle on the road. He tells us that it takes around half an hour to burn each DVD using solar power from the panels on the roof of his home on wheels (which, as you can see, is actually a cut-down car that he reputedly found in a scrap yard).

But they say a picture tells a thousand words… so here’s a few pics of Klaus the Camel Man.


Part of the fun of travelling (and walking around caravan parks) is spotting ‘different’ caravans and RVs. It’s always nice to see retro vans or those that have been lovingly restored. Here’s another one we saw at Erldunda:


We’re also collecting photos of the different slogans and sayings that people have on the back of their vans (I’ll put up some of what we have in a blog post soon).

If you have photos of interesting signs/slogans on vans, we’d love to add them to the collection! Send them to us at: robmarg100 (at) (Replace the ‘at’ with the usual @ sign: I’m just not putting in the email address in its usual form because of spam bots that collect email addresses from websites!)

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