A Bit of Maintenance

Do Not Overtake Turning VehicleThere are a couple of things we’ve been putting off doing, and now that Rob’s hand has pretty much healed up, it was time! So we set off for Sussex Inlet and…

1. Put the “Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle” sign on the back of the van

2. Applied silicone sealant where the awning meets the side wall of the van, and again along the line of stitching at the roller (this is where drips came in when it rained, when we had the annexe up)

3. Applied insect spray around the wheel arches – well, generally around the exterior of the van.

Then we sat in the sun and had a cuppa and talked about our next trip. Servicing a caravan has that effect on you!

Silicone spray



A Bit of Maintenance — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Marg & Rob, MakKes me want to be on the road again. Hope you are both well, and letsd catch uip soon. The Canzaus Kids – Janet & Bucko xxx

    • Makes US want to be on the road again! After all, we did meet you guys on the road – and lots of other great people as well. I’m sure we’ll meet up again!

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